Currently Ben Turk and Firehawk are booking stops for The Fire Inside speaking tour. We welcome others experienced in organizing solidarity with prisoner rebels to bring the tour to places and times we’re not able to reach. Please contact us about that.


Here’s more info about them:

Firehawk has been organizing with women and trans prisoners and former
prisoners in colorado and across Turtle Island since 2008, several
years after her own imprisonment. She primarily does work with
unstoppable! publication, a biannual newsletter written by and for
prisoners identifying as women, gender variant, and/or trans, along
with webs of support, a political education class held in two women’s
prisons in colorado. She hopes to build support and better highlight
women and trans prisoners’ resistance and to rethink how the state
uses and exploits sexual and gendered violence to quell rebellions
among all prisoners in order to develop more effective resistance
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Ben Turk has never done time himself, but has been working closely
with survivors of the Lucasville Uprising and other prison rebels
since 2011. He ran and was a National
Inreach Co-Chair of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee
(IWOC) leading up to and after the September 9th prisoner strike. He
lives in Milwaukee WI where he continues to organize with IWOC. He’s
toured North America extensively with Insurgent Theatre and Lucasville
On this tour he hopes to help build reliable state-based support
networks for prisoners engaging in direct action on the inside,
whether through setting up more IWOC locals or building coalitions
with other organizing tendencies.
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